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Cool Blonde Products


  • Restore the brightness of blonde, grey or white hair with the sulfate-free toning shampoo.
  • Gently removes impurities while violet colour pigments neutralise unwanted yellow tones.
  • Colour Lock technology
  • Uv Filter 

  • nourishing, shine-inducing
  • enriched with violet coulour pigments and special cationic ingredients to brighten and hydrate the hair
  • leaves hair smooth, supple and energised with luminous shine.

  • Banish brassiness and refresh bright blonde tones with this deep conditioning semi permanent toner.
  • Anti-yellowing, neutralising colour pigment restore the brightness of natural and processing blonde, grey or white hair 
  • nourishing, low ph formula with Datem Technology leaves lock soft, supple and illuminated
  • UV filter

Colour Lock TechnologyUV FilterAvailable in two sizes:  8.5fl.oz     liter